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Stone Extracts


Edition of 6 unique sets

Aquario green, Bianco Arni, Danby Royal, Bianco Carrara, Rojo Coralito,  Arari Blue

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The stone extracts are marble and granite surfaces that fit together agreeably, are satisfying to hold and are functional on the table. The forms are inspired by the molecular structure of marble and granite with interlocking regions of differing mineral deposits. Each set represents an extracted group of regions with the different stones mirroring the varied deposits.

Each piece is hand cut to shape on a diamond wet saw then hand beveled on the underside creating a reveal that allows for easy lifting. A matte honed finish lets the natural qualities of each stone show through and is pleasing to touch. Each piece and set are completely unique. The sets come together is a specific manner but may be divided or used as separate pieces as needed. The owner is free to find their own proper configuration and use.